Twitter’s most urgently needed new feature: universal read/unread status for tweets

As you might probably have guessed from other articles on this site, I am a big fan of Twitter. I love its real-time nature (giving it a unique sense of urgency), its limited feature set (allowing for quick, easy and hardly interrupting use) and the loose nature of most of its users (resulting in rather persional opinions and observations).

Due to Twitter’s very basic core features (viewing a list of short messages and posting them yourself), the service easily lends itself for usage on a wide variety of devices. It is probably the social network service with the highest number of mobile users. Being out and about, sharing a moment via a shortly tweet, perhaps including a picture or a map-location, is rather effortless.

Most people also use a Twitter client on their desktop PC when they’re working on one, as reaching for your smartphone when already connected to the Internet using the device in front of you seems rather illogical. In fact, it’s not uncommon to add a laptop computer and an iPad to the mix of Twitter-capable devices as well.

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