This blog is about consumer electronics in general, Apple gear in particular, but also with an occasional thought on other related subjects. It is the direct result of my ever ongoing wondering about how and why people choose and use technology (and maybe even more importantly: why they sometimes ignore the best products out there).

In daily life, I am a consumer electronics consultant, offering such services as commercial writing, the creation of market analysis reports, performing trade show presentations and the creation and maintenance of web site text content. I am also an Apple Certified Support Professional for Mac OS X 10.5. You might want to visit my company web site www.kennisonline.com for more info on my activities. You may follow me on Twitter via @JorgK.

Please note that the opinions on this blog are solely mine. No Windows PC were killed during its creation.

The picture at the top of the page is the bridge over the Waal river in my hometown Nijmegen. It is quite famous in The Netherlands. I took it from the tower of the Saint Steven church, which is located opposite of my home.